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Clifton Collins Jr.

We're excited to introduce Mr. Clifton Collins Jr. as the official spokesperson and ambassador of FaceCure.
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Clifton Collins Jr. joined the FaceCure team early last year and has played a vital role as our ambassador and public relations spokesperson. The world needs to know about this new and innovative approach to healthcare. We are truly excited to have such an amazing actor contributing to this revolutionary new concept. If you're interested in joining the FaceCure team or becoming an investor, visit our official FaceCure Venture Capital website.

FaceCure Venture Capital Website

Healthcare Innovation

If you're tired of the many inconveniences associated with the current medical & healthcare system, allow us to introduce you to FaceCure. A modern approach to basic healthcare. You no longer have to visit your primary doctor or urgent care when you're sick with non-life threatening illness or ailment. Simply sign-up and schedule an in-home virtual urgent care visit.

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